The Benefits

Self Cleaning Surface

In it’s simplest form, a self-cleaning surface is one that has a mechanism to repel and/or destroy contaminants. In nature, butterfly wings , lotus leaves, and gecko feet all share these kinds of remarkable characteristics. nano DefenseTM is a surface engineered to repel contaminants allowing it to easily be wiped clean with water, but more importantly it’s patented ingredients are actively involved in destroying organic compounds on a molecular level.

  • Self-cleaning surface technology that activates in the presence of light!
  • Utilizes proven technologies that have been in the market for decades.
  • Easy to apply printed films provide a visible assurance to customers and staff.
  • Transparent films available for touchscreens and see-through applications.
  • Available in multiple precut sizes as well as mastersheets.

Industrial and Professional Grade

All facilities have areas within them that get touched or used more frequently than others. While individually these areas are more susceptible to wear, the facility itself may have high traffic compared to another location that has the same exact touch points and needs the same protection.

By utilizing preventative practices as a part of your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly sanitation process you will become in tune with the wear of the product and the need to replace it more frequently or utilize one grade over the other. Industrial grade nanoDefenseTM products are intended for higher traffic areas. Professional grade nanoDefense TM product are intended for low to medium traffic areas.

Proven Technology

Used in hospitals and the medical industry, it is a well-studied phenomenon that is a non-toxic, safe solution for helping to keep surfaces clean.  There is a wealth of independent research spanning the past 20 years that supports the characteristics of Titanium Dioxide nano-particles and the power of the photocatalytic effect.

First discovered over 35 years ago, the oxidizing power created by Titanium Dioxide initiated photocatalysis is actually twice as powerful as bleach! This active process happens continuously so that surfaces covered by nanoDefenseTM are working whenever in presence of light.

Long Lasting

The nano DefenseTM surface can never be used up or expire, so the products surface has a shelf life that is virtually unlimited. The product’s service life is solely dependent on whether the surface is still present due to actual physical wear.

The print serves as a wear indicator, so if the text or graphics become worn or faded, it’s time to replace, as the coated surface that exists on top of the print no longer exists. Also, if nanoDefenseTM starts to peel off, we recommend replacement to keep the touch point from allowing contaminants from harboring behind the part where it is not active.