Eco-friendly anti bacterial film

KILLS 99.9%of viral germs ON CONTACT

Kills viral germs on contact

NanoDefense™ is a self-cleaning, light-activated film that kills 99.9% of viral bacteria on contact. It can be easily be wiped clean with water, but more importantly, its patented ingredients are actively involved in destroying organic compounds on a molecular level. Best of all, its nano-particle technology is backed by 20 years of scientific research.

Nano-Science = the Power of Nature

The incredible NanoDefense™ film kills 99.9% of viral bacteria using a natural process called photocatalysis. Earth’s atmosphere relies on this natural process to destroy toxins and cleanse the air we breathe. The photocatalytic properties of NanoDefense™ create hydroxyl (OH) radicals and superoxide anion radicals that are members of nature’s cleaning crew.


The Science Behind It

NanoDefense™ film uses the naturally occurring mineral of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) in nanoparticle form to create an active surface that is photocatalytic. When exposed to light – indoor or outdoor – a natural reaction occurs that breaks down contaminants at a molecular level. This process actually pierces the cell walls of contaminants and decomposes them into harmless byproducts. While it sounds miraculous, it is all natural, safe, and effective.

Light triggers the self cleaning process which produces Hydroxyl (OH) radicals that attack and decompose organic contaminants into water, carbon dioxide, and harmless byproducts.

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